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OMMDirectory can be found at over 1,000 locations across the state. To request a copy be delivered to your home, please click the button below!

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OMMD started helping educate patients and connecting those in the industry throught the state in September of 2018. We advocate for medicating naturally and responsibly! OMMDirectory is more than a printed publication. We also offer 30 years of Brand Marketing, Graphic and Logo Design, Event Coordination, Promotional and Multi-Media Creative Direction for local, regional, and national companies.


Our purpose is to connect those who are eager to help others and provide patients quality medicine, to fill those needs, while lifting each other up as we all grow toghether. As our motto goes – “From Tiny Seeds Grow Might Trees!“

Our Mission


I'm the baby of the OMMD family.

Catch me at cannabis social events to say hi!
(And maybe throw me a treat when mom's not looking!)

Owner & Operator 

Photo Location: Flower Shop Tulsa
Photographer: Lily Chris Photography

Oklahoma's #1 Trusted Directory

The OMMD is trusted, well-utilized, and respected statewide in the Medical Cannabis Industry. The directories fly off shelves in thousands of locations: Medical Doctors, Dispensaries, Growers, Grow Supply Stores, Processors, Transporters, Laboratories, and many other affiliated businesses.

See why businesses choose us every time. The best source for trustworthy companies and staying up-to-date with all aspects in the medical cannabis industry.

10 Catalogs Produced · 260,000+ printed copies · 70+ featured brands

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